Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Use at least one Sociological Theory to explain your issue

I believe the best theory to explain human trafficking is the conflict perspective. There are different groups in society; there are conflicts between these groups that generate economic inequality.  Human trafficking is the result of  excessive ambition that creates a market for trafficking with men, women and children who are engaged in all forms of forced labor, including agriculture, domestic service, construction work and sweatshops, as well as sexual exploitation.
The groups that conflict here are the traffickers and the industries that surround them with the trafficked people and all those who use them for their own benefit creating a demand.

The fundamental causes of human trafficking are social and economic forces that function within the society. The criminal system operates on behalf of rich elites such as criminal organizations who are rarely prosecuted for these crimes.

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  1. thought it would be on different types of feminist perspectives... i think radical feminism explains it best.. :)