Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Use the three Sociological perspectives to analyze your issue

Structural Functionalism: In What Ways does your social issue to relates to social stability and Instability? 
Social stability is manifested in the number of jobs that trafficked human perform. We find them not only doing sexual work, but in all areas such agriculture, domestic service, construction work and factories.  Due to the low cost that owners that have to pay for this kind of slavery, businesses become very profitable. Profitable businesses generate wealth to the country. For example, children labor in countries like China allows foreign industry to offer low manufacturing cost that will return higher margins for the owners.

The instability exists in different areas. Jobs for the general population are reduced. Sexual slaves live in deplorable conditions and lack hygiene, increasing the chance of getting sick and transmit sexual diseases. Since human trafficking is an illegal business, the places where they take place do not meet health and safety standards. The trafficking industry also generates violence, increasing the number of victims and death people in the country.

Conflict Perspective: In What Ways does your issue relates to power, status and access to resources? 

The lack of jobs, low wages and high cost of living caused by inflation creates an opportunity to human traffickers. Lack of food, clothing and housing and the impossibility of the government fulfilling these needs create the desire in their citizens to emigrate and look for better opportunities, and it is there when they become a prey for heartless human beings who lure them with false promises. Trafficked people usually are seduced with untruthful promises of employment, better pay and security.
When they arrive to their destination, they discover they have been lied and suffer a series of abuses. Drug traffickers belong to powerful criminal organizations that enrich selling human beings and their services. Conversely, trafficked people usually pertain to lower social stratus, reason why they become an easy target.

Interactionism: In What Ways is your issue a product of rational choice and symbolic interaction? Human trafficking is not a product of rational choice, but it is influenced by the desire to satisfy basic needs and progress in life. There is when traffickers take advantage of peoples dream and promise them employment abroad with secure pay. Trafficked people become slaves in other countries while they perform all kind of services.
The majority of trafficking is done by networks of smaller groups that each specialize in a certain area, like recruitment, transportation, advertising, or retail.

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